Endorsers of the Center for Values in International Development

The following persons have consented to have their names listed as persons who endorse the mission and focus of C4V. They represent some of the leading theorists, scholars, philosophers, practitioners, researchers, advocates, managers, and executives active in – or very relevant to – the two worlds which C4V works to bridge: international development ethics, and international relief & development practice.

International Development Practitioners

  • Larry Cooley
    Founder, President Emeritus and Senior Advisor,
    Management Systems International
    Washington, DC, USA
  • Tony Gambino
    Independent Consultant and former USAID Mission Director, Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Washington, DC, USA
  • Larry Garber
    Independent Consultant, former USAID Senior Official
    Washington, DC, USA
  • Jean Gilson
    Senior Vice President, Global Strategy DAI, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
  • Carrie Hessler-Radelet
    President and CEO, Project Concern International (PCI)
    Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
  • Sarah Kambou
    Former CEO and President, International Center for Research on Women, Washington, DC, USA
  • Susan Collin Marks
    Former Vice President and current Peace Ambassador, Search for Common Ground, Washington, DC, USA
  • Susan Markham
    Smash Strategies, Washington, DC, USA
  • Byron W. Radcliffe
    CEO and President, Equal Access International, Washington, DC, USA
  • Joseph F. Stepanek, Ph.D.
    Economist and former USAID Mission Director: Tanzania, Zambia
  • Hillary Thomas-Lake, Ph.D.
    CEO, HillTop Ethics,
    Washington, DC, USA
  • Ravi Verma
    Director, International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), Asia
    New Delhi, India
  • Russ Webster
    President and CEO,
    Food Enterprise Solutions,
    Arlington, VA, USA

Scholars & Academics, Scholar/Practitioners

  • Prof. Y. Michael Barilan
    Department of Medical Education, Sackler Faculty of Medicine
    Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Prof. Joanne B. Ciulla
    Director, Institute for Ethical Leadership and Professor, Department of Management and Global Business; Rutgers Business School,
    Newark, New Jersey, USA
  • Dr. Mary Ellsberg
    Director, Global Women's Institute and Professor of Global Health and International Studies; The George Washington University,
    Washington, DC, USA
  • Dr. Donna Hicks
    Associate, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Prof. Shelley Inglis
    Executive Director, Human Rights Center,
    University of Dayton, Ohio, USA
  • Gilbert Khadiagala, Ph.D.
    Professor of International Relations,
    University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg,
    Republic of South Africa
  • Michael S. Lund, Ph.D.
    Senior Associate,
    Institute of World Affairs,
    Washington, DC, USA
  • Prof. Melanie Walker
    National Research Foundation Chair
    (Higher Education & and Human Development) and Research Professor
    University of the Free State, Bloemfontein,
    Republic of South Africa

International Development Ethicists and Philosophers

  • Dr. Alejandra (Sandra) Boni
    Professor, Polytechnic University of Valencia
    Deputy Director, INGENIO Research Institute
    Valencia, Spain
  • Dr. Adela Cortina
    Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy
    University of Valencia
    Valencia, Spain
  • Dr. Nigel Dower
    Honorary Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
    Associate, Centre for Global Development
    University of Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Prof. Stephen Esquith
    Professor, College in the Arts and Humanities
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing, Michigan, USA
  • Dr. James W. Nickel
    Professor of Law and Philosophy Emeritus
    School of Law, University of Miami
    Coral Gables, Florida, USA
  • Dr. Eric Palmer
    Professor of Philosophy and former President of the International Development Ethics Association,
    Allegheny College, Meadville, PA, USA
  • Dr. Frances Stewart
    Professor Emeritus of Development Economics and Director of the Centre for Research on Inequality,
    University of Oxford, England
  • Dr. Paul B. Thompson
    Professor, W.K. Kellogg Chair in Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics, Michigan State University
    East Lansing, Michigan, USA
  • Dr. Asuncion Lera St. Clair
    Director, Digital Assurance Research Center
    Future of Digital Assurance Program
    DNV Group R&D

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