Self, Other, and Ethics of Care in International Development

Self, Other, and Ethics of Care in International Development arms and hands of several shades grasp each others' wrists

In my current research on international development, I’ve concluded that the feminist theorist and moral philosopher Serene J. Khader presents the most engaging, fresh, and thought-provoking perspective on the issues that international development practitioners face in their work[note]. According to her, such practitioners often engage, either knowingly or unknowingly, in what she terms “unjustified unconscious paternalism,” […]

Listen to the Next Generation’s Voices!

Listen to the Next Generation’s Voices! youth demonstrate with a sign saying "sea levels are rising but so are we!"

“Youth Activism is on the rise across the globe.” “Young people are angry.” Such headlines appear prominently across the United States, pointing to young people as beacons of hope, energized both by anger and by eternal optimism. Whether it is Emma Gonzalez’s heart wrenching moment of silence at the March for Our Lives protest, or […]


Climate change makes development a global issue and enhances the existing reality of creating a new poor in non-poor countries. Asuncion St. Clair; “Transforming Development Aid”; The Donors Dilemma: Emergence,Convergence and the Future of Foreign Aid (2014) In the last 20-30 years we have inflicted more damage on the earth than in its entire history […]


But whereas in 1988 a million dead Africans was a figure that could still shock, today the two million southern Sudanese corpses have been submerged by a tidal wave of death that has washed over Africa in the aftermath of the cold war and the dissolution of the post-colonial states. A million dead in Somalia; […]


…in a society in which the people have a sense of individual human rights and the state recognizes and respects those rights, a particular self-consciousness will develop; the ego will grow in a certain direction. One feels special not because one has what others lack, or has a rank higher than others, but because one […]


Money spent to meet crisis situations or short-term political objectives while helping to maintain national integrity and independence has rarely moved the recipient nation toward greater economic stability. President John F. Kennedy; from Special Message to the Congress on Foreign Aid (March 22,1961)


There is no escaping our obligations: our moral obligations as a wise leader and good neighbor in the interdependent community of free nations – our economic obligations as the wealthiest people in a world of largely poor people, as a nation no longer dependent upon the loans from abroad that once helped us develop our […]


All over the world people are struggling for lives that are worthy of their human dignity. Martha C. Nussbaum; Creating Capabilities: The Human Development Approach (2013) Economic growth, while a part of wise public policy, is just a part, and a mere instrument at that. It is people who matter ultimately; profits are only instrumental […]

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